Fixit – Making Car Repair Loans Simple

car repair loans

We all love our rides, let’s face it they’re awesome. They not only get us where we need to go, but where we want to go. Work, groceries, the gym, that beach cottage you rented with friends and, well, everywhere in between. Vehicles are great until they’re not. The morning your car won’t start or the moment your truck makes that ominous clunking sound. Your vehicle becomes an expensive burden. When this happens you’re not left with a lot of options.

You can rent a ride, but that gets expensive really fast. Find alternative means of getting where you need to go. While your vehicle dives in your driveway, or beg and borrow money from family or friends Again, none of these really give you the warm and fuzzies. Us neither. That’s why we created Fixit. It’s your simple solution to get the financing you need for your vehicle repairs. No credit checks no proof of income. Just 4 easy steps and you’re back behind the wheel.

#Step 1, follow the instructions on the Fixit app to take and upload pictures of your vehicle. Then just answer a few key questions about your vehicle and instantly we’ll let you know the maximum amount we’ll loan you.

#Step 2, figure out what’s up with your car. Our app hooks you up with a Fixit service partner near you to properly diagnose the problem. This gives you a heads up on what needs to be done, and how much it’ll run you. Prefer to use your own trusty mechanic who’s been looking after your baby for years? Our app has a spot for that too Just provide us with a contact info and we’ll do the rest.

#Step 3, select your payment terms and seal the deal. You can choose 6 months 12 months or 24 months. It’s up to you Oh, and pay off your loan in 30 days, and its interest free.

#Step 4, pick up your fixed car and get back to your life Fixit pays the service partner directly, so there’s nothing left for you to do but get back to your busy day or the cottage.


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