Getting A Car Loan After Bankruptcy


Poor credit or a recent bankruptcy can affect your ability to be approved for a loan.

Subprime Lenders

You can still get approved for an auto loan through subprime lenders subprime lenders specialize in financing auto loans to people with adverse credit a Subprime car loan can help you rebuild your credit history enabling you to qualify for lower rates on future loans even with less-than-perfect credit. You can still request quotes from traditional lenders you may even be surprised. But if you must go with a subprime lender be prepared to pay a higher than average interest rate.

Savvy Car Loan Shopper

You can still be a savvy car loan shopper with bad credit by shopping around for the lowest rates online m├ítalo. Still have to compete with local banks. So they use technology eliminate overhead costs thus reducing loan fees even with bad credit It’s wise to request quotes from several. You may see a difference as little as eight dollars and fifty cents a month which can save you $500 on the five-year loan there are many variables to compare such as rates term and fees. While low rates are ideal you may find a low monthly payment is in your best financial interests once you have found your loan.

Online Applications

You can apply quickly online you may get an answer instantly or within an hour by using online applications, most lenders will reduce or eliminate loan fees which works in your favor When you are approved you may receive a blank check to sign over to the seller. Or funds sent electronically in those cases only the lender knows you have poor credit. The dealership will only know you’ve been approved for a loan also try searching for local dealerships that specialize in poor credit bad credit a bankruptcy or foreclosure Unless you let it be.


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