Saving With EZ Auto Loan

Saving Auto Loan

Being able to buy cars through ACV is a tremendous help to our business and ACV has really helped our business, you know, in order to source inventory in a way that doesn’t have us sending guys out of town; doesn’t have us spending a lot on and time to do so. As we are growing our business and constantly trying to evolve and find new ways to acquire inventory, to have access to more vehicles from more dealers without having to leave your business to do it is a huge advantage and it’s a huge win. ACV’s thorough condition report in the listings allows me to buy with confidence. I know what I’m getting before the vehicle even lands back at my dealership. That in turn results in upwards of 20% savings in my reconditioning costs.

Variety Of Cars

Because of ACV we now have access to a larger variety of cars. We have access to more cars, from more dealers in different parts of the northeast region. I don’t have to worry about filling a transport truck. I would say 80% of the vehicles that we have purchased through ACV have run locally. ACV Auctions is absolutely more convenient than the traditional auction. ACV Auctions fees are definitely less than a traditional auction, and really, that puts money directly to the bottom line.

Preferred Way

It’s the preferred way to go when buying vehicles. It saves me time, money, energy, transportation costs, reconditioning costs. I would absolutely recommend ACV to other dealers. It seems to me like it’s going to be the wave of the future. You know, we were a little bit apprehensive at first about buying on an app, and after the fact it’s tried and true. It works. As we ramp up the volume of ACV purchases we see this as a game changer for our business.

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